Need Help Choose Your Print Configuration?

"Material" Options

I use the best available materials for my prints to showcase them in the best avatar possible. To choose from the three options available, consider:

  • Paper: A high quality specialty paper, chosen for its abilities to absorb ink, lock in vibrant colours and its longevity.
  • Premium Paper: A beautiful quality German paper, built to last years without discolouration.
    Cellulose based, this paper portrays colours in their natural tone, assuring true representation of the vista I actually captured.
    Use this for home (if there's not much moisture or for gifting the office crowd).
    • Neither of the paper variants come with any coating on the print side; so they must be protected by a glass front, and be properly framed for longevity.
    • Both Paper options come only on Matt paper. I prefer not using Glossy stuff, to minimise reflections and distractions.
  • Premium Canvas: The most exquisite look for a photo is achieved through a 320 GSM German canvas. Well suited for landscape and nature photos. Canvas converts the "flat" look of any photo, into a 3-dimensional look, thanks to the texture and undulations of the material; hence on Canvas, most photos appear like paintings.
  • Texture and colour representation is just a joy to behold. If you want your beloved photo to last forever, and to be the truest representation of what the scene actually was like when the photo was taken, print on Premium Canvas!
    • A canvas print can be put up on the wall directly - with or without an outside frame or even protective glass!


* Archival quality materials are available too. Ask my for those by clicking here.
Archival quality implies a material that is built for long-term contact and to withstand deterioration from environmental elements; these materials also have minimal loss of quality during printing.