About Ambar


Like most of the best things in life, I stubbed my toe on photography.

Typically, I bought a camera, and went rat-a-tat-tat click-crazy. Expecting every click to be magical; didn't happen.

The Blurry Monster struck. I think it seemed to live inside my poor camera!

So, I shelved the errant tool, blaming it a defective unit (I even got it to visit a service centre, to no avail). So dust and the Olympus became friends.
Till the batteries leaked, and devoured the inside of the poor innocent troublemaker.

Thus, happened an upgrade. And somehow, the same casualties of the Blurry Monster.

More smoke from the ears, more angry missives to the God of Photography.

Then... by a freak rumble-and-tussle of dials, completely not of my doing, one rainy afternoon in 2014, these happened (each one of these are completely untouched, right out of camera):

Ambar's Turning Point

Photos Taken: 1,164.
Duration: 1 hour, 50 minutes.
Keeper rate: 4%.

But oh lord, what a 4%! To this day, some of the photos from that afternoon, remain our favourite photos of our kids.

And I was smitten. 


Finally, I started reading up on what did what on my camera. But reading only helped me learn some basic nuts-and-bolts. Not the trade.

180,000 photos later, I'm still learning. And I bear more scars of more ruined photos, than I care to admit. But... what a joy photography has come to be. It's my time, my perseverance, my achievement.

It's taken me places I'd never have gone, it's introduced me to people I'd never have met, and it's introduced me to a life I never knew I wanted.

It's given me something else - a pocketful of memories. I remember the story behind each of my photos. And it's those stories behind the blurs, blemishes and missed shots that are my true love.

So, as I discover ways to overcome my shortcomings and make the long journey from being a wannabe photographer, to an almost-photographer, I still get the better deal.

I make memories, I walk away with some gorgeous keepsakes of the labour and triumphs of my trials.

Come walk the journey with me, but please - spend more than a fleeting, cursive moment on each photo - it takes a lot to make a photo - how much, you may never know.

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