Need Help Choose Your Print Configuration?

"Framing" Options

Bare Prints:
  • These prints are will need to be framed immediately; in fact please do not unwrap/unroll the photo yourself. Let the professionals handle it!
  • While framing, I recommend you have have the framing vendor paste the photo on either a "double mount" or at least on a flex board at the back of the print, (along with a suitable mount on the front).
  • Any Paper print will require 4-5 inches additional to the size of the print you choose here. Normally a "mounting" insert is put, that appears between the outside frame and the photo itself. That is anywhere from 1-2 inches. Then of course, there's the outside frame itself, which is usually 1.5-3 inches depending on preference.
  • I highly recommend you use matt-finished glass or an acrylic sheet - not the regular glossy, reflective glass. This will help you enjoy the photo without reflections, and from any angle in the room!
  • Prints will be sent rolled up in a cylindrical packing tube.
  • Paper is extremely prone to wrinkles/creases; hence please minimise the number of people and the times that roll is taken out of the packing tube!


  • The way I'll be sending you canvases, they can be put up on the wall "as-is" - with or without an outside frame!
  • Given the cost and the longevity you'd desire from the print, you could decide to put it behind glass! In that case, plan for 4-5 inches additional to the size of the print you choose here - for the mounting + the frame.
  • Never paste a canvas on anything! J
  • Canvases will come packed in flat boxes.