Need Help Choose Your Print Configuration?

"Condition" Options

  • Bare Print:
    • All prints on Paper are sent "bare" - you'll receive just the paper the photo's printed on, rolled up and sent to you. You will need to get the print framed later as per your preferences.
    • This gives you complete freedom to choose the size and colours of the outside frame, as well as those of the mounting (the cardboard strip between the frame and the photo itself).
  • Ready To Hang:
    • Canvas provides a rich, textured feel to photos (more than any paper ever can). There's more depth, more dimension, and an instant painting-like aura.  
    • All prints on Premium Canvas are sent mounted on an internal wooden frame at the back (called a Stretcher). The canvas is stretched over it  and pasted. I also have the canvases coated with a superior lacquer so that the canvas is impervious to water and dust, and will last for decades. 
      So, you can simply hang the Canvas on your wall, with no real need of framing (unless you prefer it framed!)

Choosing Between Bare Prints and Ready To Hang!

  • Choose Bare Prints if:
    • You're gifting the photo to someone whose tastes and home decor are unknown to you.
    • Or, if you're sending this to someone overseas (shipping costs will be lower).
  • Choose Ready To Hang if:
    • You want to put the photo up the moment you receive it from me!
    • Want to save money (there's no real need to frame, remember).
    • You want to see the photo from every angle (no reflections from glass!)
    • You're buying for your own or parents' home, or as a gift for someone special!
    • If you live in an area that has very high humidity.