Most Of What You Read About Photography Is A Fallacy

Most Of What You Read About Photography Is A Fallacy

You may hear/read many people telling you many things about what photography is, how technical it can be, how much you need to learn and what all you need to have, what the precise conditions are to be when you take a photograph.

The way I think of photography is actually much much simpler than all that.

Photography for me is simply showing people what you just saw - because very often, actually almost always, no two people see the same thing in the same way. Whether it’s a sunset, whether it is what you see on a bush or just how you look at the bird perched on a tree.

In my experience seeing involves a lot of emotion and that has got to do with the mood that you’re in. It’s got to do with what you're looking for and it’s most definitely got to do with how you perceive life.

Insects for example, bring me more joy, than street photography.

I like discovering their daily lives, discovering how they work, discovering how they interact with each other and all that has got to do with learning something I didn't know earlier.

Maybe It’s because I haven’t evolved enough in my photography to see how people work the same way.

Or maybe it's something far more basic than that. I've spent so many years observing people doing daily things, mundane things, interacting with each other,  reacting to the usual things that life brings... but in all my years I haven’t spent as much time looking at insects, birds and other creations go about their daily life.

I could see a squirrel hanging upside down on the tree and wonder how it manages to do that because I obviously can’t, so it’s a wonder is that scene it’s the perception of what’s new that engages me and that’s perhaps what reflects in my photography.

The photos I could show you of insects or flowers or even tree trunks or ripples in the water that you may have stood next to me and looked at until the squirrel you could have been looking at the tree trunk it’s on the tree trunk you could have been looking at the ninth climbing up the tree so since we perceive things so differently I think photography is one of the best ways to show you something that I saw. We both look at an eagle soaring in the sky I might locate it from its natural beauty and you might look at it from its personality you might think of how great it would be too sore up in the sky I might think of what it’s about to do whether it’s aboutTo do. I might actually be wondering whether it’s about to scoop down to catch it’s an expression or if it’s going to land somewhere near me and I should be ready for that shot ultimately be able to use a needle so. So I think you are way of looking at my photography will be different from my own way of perceiving my photographs and that’s absolutely not true I think all I’d like to do is express myself through my photography and show you the world as I see it maybe someday you and I could share notes and you could show me your ways of what you saw in the same timeframe enjoy some photographs that I’ve taken recently and see how my perspectivePerhaps be different from yours

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